Sandra is easy to work with because she says what she means and follows through. She’s also meticulous and has high standards. 
— C.E.

I recently met Sandra through my professional association with an international genealogy society.  I am the least “techie” person to walk the earth, but whenever I experienced technology challenges, she came to the rescue, cape and all.  Her ability to help with our website and print layouts, as well as her willingness to assist with anything I may have messed up, has made her an absolute godsend.  Her responsiveness, kindness and compassion are second to none.
— M.H.

Sandra Roberts is a real professional, approaching every job with the care it deserves. Whether working as a web designer, webmaster, or editor, Sandra will apply all her expertise to ensure your project effectively represents you and your business.
— S.T.

She’s a good dog mom.
— Rex (the puppy)

In the context of project discussion, contact information for references can be provided upon request.